Flexible work that fits your life.

Work on your own schedule and help your community, it's really that simple.

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Are you looking for a way to earn extra income without the commitment of a part time job?

Taskrs is our term for our employees. Instead of offering full or part time employment, we offer what we like to call flexible employment. Flexible employment is exactly that - it gives you the opportunity to work as much or as little as you want, whenever tasks are available. We do not make you work a schedule, or a minimum number of hours per week; rather you pick your schedule from the available tasks based on when you are interested in working.

As employees of our company, you are covered under our insurance, and we make all payroll source deductions including Ontario's WSIB. We pay on a weekly pay schedule by direct deposit. Unlike other "gigs" we want to make it as easy and convenient for you to help others while getting paid!

Our Hiring Process

We have an in depth hiring process, this includes an online application, a social proof system, and background checks. It is very important to us that we are hiring the best of the best, as professionalism is at the height of what we do as you act as a direct ambassador for Nowtaskr.

We pride ourselves on hiring Taskrs who are hard working, professional, prompt and able to follow instructions to a tee. If we select you to join our team you will be joining a community of local people helping local people.

How it Works

Get Notifications for Tasks in your Area

You don't have to worry about finding business, work comes to you! When clients request a helping hand you'll get notified!

Accept the tasks that work with your schedule

Interested in that Task? Accept it, if not, no worries! Just wait for the next one! You don't have to worry about negotiating price, collecting payments or anything else. We do that all for you!

Complete the Task and get paid!

Just head on over to the client's location at the chosen time and date and complete the Task! We'll pay you each and every week. If you do a good job we'll even pay you more!

Types of Tasks

  • Washing and folding laundry
  • Helping out at an event
  • Organizing and packing
  • Waiting in line
  • Preparing for a party
  • General cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Renovation clean up
  • Moving furniture around
  • Lifting and organizing
  • Moving boxes
  • Set up / Take down of events
  • Yardwork
  • Furniture assembly
  • Hanging pictures
  • Small painting jobs
  • Installing curtains and blinds
  • Serving at a dinner party
  • Serving at a local restaurant
  • Serving at a banquet
  • Bartending at a wedding
  • Providing customer service at store
  • Upcoming trade or vendor shows
  • Promotional events
  • Providing samples
  • Meeting with clients
  • Filling in for a receptionist
  • Data entry and file maintenance
  • General office duties
  • Personal administration
  • Virtual assistance.

Requirements for becoming a Taskr

All Taskrs Should
  • Be able to use email and have a current email address.
  • Have a smartphone with a data plan.
  • Have a clear criminal record.
  • Be hard-working, independent, and have the desire to provide a helping hand to members of your community.

Ready to be a Taskr?

We believe that our Taskrs are just one big family. Every Taskr can enjoy discounts on our services and up to 15% bonus on every task. At Nowtaskr, we never pay minimum wage and believe in rewarding honest hard work.

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