Local People. Local Help.
Where can you find the help you need for simple tasks like weeding your garden, stacking your firewood, or filling in for your receptionist when they call in sick! Who can you get? Are they going to show up? Is it safe? The only option is to either find someone you know, or go to social media or buy and sell sites. It will take time, effort and in the end, who are you getting? Nowtaskr has taken the guesswork out of this. We offer an easy and accessible way for our clients to get the help they need without the hassle of current platforms.

Our Taskrs are what we like to call flexible employees. We allow them to choose their own tasks. As employees, they have been vetted through a rigorous process which includes reference and police criminal record checks. They are always local, and they are insured which is a peace of mind for both our Taskrs and clients.
Our services are offered to specific geographic areas known as Taskr Hubs so that the Taskrs who are assigned to your task are from your local community. For a detailed breakdown of our current hubs, please see our locations page.

When requesting our services please be as detailed as possible, as it helps us in getting the right Taskr for you! It is important that the Taskr knows what to expect and to ensure that they are qualified for the task to be completed. There are some limitations to the services we offer. These limitations and further information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.