So this is the start-up life. It’s 10 in the morning on a Sunday when I should be playing with my kids in the playroom, but as the tech genius I am. I decided to launch the new platform for Nowtaskr last night after my kids went to bed. Well it blew up and took everything with it. I’ve been trying to restore it but all the “what ifs” are running around in my head. What if it doesn’t restore, what if it’s all gone, do I start over? 5 months worth of work gone in an instant! Should I start again?

Now you are probably thinking – YOU HAVE TO HAVE BACKUPS! Of course I have back ups, i’m not an idiot. I have back ups of the content, back ups of the whole site. But guess what folks – ITS STILL NOT COMING BACK!

Times like this makes me question my own sanity as a founder, but guess what – I’ll just have to push through this one like every other time! I knew days like today would happen, what can you do? JUST DO THE WORK.

UPDATE: 5:09PM Sunday – IT WORKS!